A New Year, A New Decade


2020 is upon us. As a young child, I could not imagine a new century, and any year that started with 20 was SO far away. There would be flying cars and personal transporters, and I would be OLD. Yet here we are, and so far, none of those things have happened.

Yes, I am older now, but I’m not OLD! In fact, this year, I feel young, vibrant, and full of enthusiasm. All things that I haven’t felt for…too long. Far too long. I recently told my daughter that the way she does some art every day inspires me. Even if it’s a doodle on a post-it note, that girl is creating art. I used to write daily when I was her age. Then it became off and on until I just stopped. Every once in a while, I would pick up a pen and try again, but it never stuck.

When I wrote my birthday post, I had decided I needed a writing goal. I would write one blog post a month – minimum. Try and find January’s post. Oh yeah, I never did that. However, I’ve been journaling quite a bit. So while I haven’t been posting my musings publically, I have been writing almost regularly.

It’s funny how your thoughts evolve and grow when you are consistently writing. Some days my journaling is more of a to-do list. Other days it is a complete mental dump onto paper. Then there are those days where I genuinely take an idea and run with it. Sometimes in circles. Sometimes there are multiple tangents like the spokes on a wheel leading me back to the beginning or to a new place entirely.

2020 feels big in so many ways. For me, the most significant way is how my creative self is trying to escape the exile that I have sent it. I’ve decided to unlock the prison and set it free. Who knows where this could lead? Some will be good and some not so good, but I’ll never find the great if I don’t practice creativity every single day.

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