It seems to me that starting anything is not really the hardest part. You can have an idea, a vision, a dream, a thought…anything that requires a bit of action on your part. And it will stay there until you take the first step. There are loads of people, organizations, or websites that will “help” you get started when you don’t know how. Or, let’s be honest here, just not really willing to start. You might even take the first step and then become surprised that the next step doesn’t just follow right along. “Wait…I have to do it again? and again and again and again?”

That is the hard part. Wanting something so bad that you will keep coming back day after day to do it again until it becomes that thing you thought about. Blocking out the thought of that other people might think your thing is bad, too personal, wacky, out there, stupid, the list goes on. Maybe you’re thinking that if you show the world who you feel you are on the inside, they won’t like you anymore.

Maybe, it’s time to like yourself enough to do those things that are bubbling inside you anyway.

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