Authentic (representing one’s true nature or beliefs)


I sometimes have to travel for work meetings. When we have these team meetings there is usually a
team building component. Sometimes they are fun and sometimes they make you groan. This week I
participated in a refresh session of a Corporate Athlete program. When I first did this program three
years ago I became determined to be a better me, a more authentic me. I’m not sure I ever achieved it.
This time around I’m in a different place emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I’m ready to be the best
version of me I can be. But what does that mean? I’m being told to be the authentic me. But who is that?

There are many different versions of me and they change over time. So who am I now? Mother, daughter, friend, wife, co-worker, choir member, neighbor. These are roles that I am for other people.

I like being all these roles but I’m looking for who I am for myself. The real me. The authentic me. The  person I like being when I am by myself and yet I’m not afraid to share her with the people who populate my world.

One thought on “Authentic (representing one’s true nature or beliefs)

  1. JoAnn kerollis

    The best person you can be is the sum and total of all of these people with an added flavor. What do you like to do best for you, where will this take you, can I have fun and growth while doing this. Will it be the next step in your career …… remember we are never fully complete, always growing. Looking forward to watching you find some answers. By the way, you are doing great in all other aspects you mentioned.


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