Reflection (a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration)


It’s the end of the year. This means that you’ll be seeing and reading about reflections on the past year, holiday, lifetime, whatever. There are more things that cause us to reflect on our lives than just the end of the year. Life events cause this type of reflection all the time, whether it is through gain (a new relationship, job, experience, child) or  loss (of a loved one, a job, a relationship, a home). Reflecting can be just that – to think, ponder, or meditate – or you can use what you discover to bring about change.

2016 has been one heck of a year both in the world and in my world. I’ve spent a good portion of this year thinking, pondering, giving careful consideration to who I am today and who I want to be. I realized that over time I had stopped doing things I loved because life happened. It was rarely a conscious decision but more a whittling away at my time. One of those things was writing.

In my past, I would spend time writing. I started at 12 years old with a diary which soon became poetry and eventually very short stories. In college, I wrote a screenplay and even tried my hand at lyrics. As my time became filled with other things, I attempted to journal daily. That would last for about a week and then I would find my journal several months later and feel bad about it. There was a time that I would write letters and cards to friends and family just because I enjoyed the simple acting of writing but even that fell away. Soon I just stopped writing altogether.

All of this to say, welcome to my blog. The first change that all my reflection has brought about. In 2017 I will begin my affair with writing all over again. You are invited to come on this journey with me. I don’t know where it will take us but hopefully to a place filled with humor, love, and even some reflection.

Happy New Year to you all!

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