Magical (mysteriously enchanting)


I enjoy hanging out with friends. I enjoy going to places that make me feel good. I love the days when those two things combine. Especially if that day is full of positive energy, laughter, and sometimes that feeling of being a carefree kid again. That place for me is Disney and luckily my closest friends feel that way too.

Wandering around Disney World still feels magical but the adult in me trys too see how that magic is created. Until I forget because I still get caught up in the world that is created at the park. My friend and I went to see Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios. Our seats were front and center. While there was some discussion on if we would get wet, we did not move. In the beginning, we talked about the screen created by the mist but very quickly we were pointing out the cool things that were happening in the show. And grinning. A lot.

We sat mesmerized for the next 20+ minutes, grinning at each other and the show. There was Mickey Mouse commanding the water, all the villians trying to ruin the show, barges of dancing princes and princessess, and good triumphs in the end. By the time the finale came, we had been brought to tears. Two grown women crying because it was so beautiful and magical and fun. There was no one else at that show but us. It was over too quickly. As we turned to leave, we were stopped by the thousands of people who had just seen the show with us.

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